Starlit Spotlight – September, 2016

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Christina Stembler
The Shine of  The Sterling Goddess

September, 2016

It is a warm, sunny day in Washington as I gratefully sit in an air conditioned room filled with exquisite antiques, beautiful crystals and loving family pictures. I feel a sense of peace come over me as I wait in her “meditation room” while, at the same time feeling excitement and wonder as to what we will discuss on this day. She walks in the room carrying a tray of the biggest, most delicious grapes, cheese and nuts while the other hand holds a bottle of refreshing white wine. I laugh, she already knows me so well (I’m a sucker for a good bottle of wine), but I have also realized I don’t know as much about her as I would like.

When I first met this Goddess and she held me in her embrace, she opened a door for me that allowed me to acknowledge and let shine the Divine being within myself, the being that I would later learn, with Tess’s tutelage, had always been there but forgotten or afraid. On this  life changing journey that Tess helped me to begin, I decided that when I have something that I want to express, I am going to express it. When I have a question to ask, I will ask it.  With Every question I asked her, came an answer that drew me in and made me want to know more about my beautiful Mentor.

As I sit across from the Woman I hold so dear to me, I look into her Steel Blue eyes and see the Strength, Wisdom, Pain, Joy and Love of a Thousand lives looking back at me. Her petite stature is simply a temporary cloak hiding and protecting the astounding being that lives inside. She is the keeper of untold stories, A knower of life’s mysteries, A teacher of Self Worth and Healing and A Friend and Soul Sister of Many Lifetimes. Look into her eyes and you will be drawn in by the Light, Dancing Inside of them.

In these writings, my goal is to Celebrate and Reflect back to her, The Shine Within. The Shine of The Sterling Goddess – Christina Smith Stembler –

Born into a life of a series of Magickal Events that were different from others, Tess couldn’t help but “Be” in the Metaphysical. As a young girl, raised in a devout Roman Catholic family,  an outlet to communicate her sight of Fae or Angels as she thought they were, was not available to her.  Tess never thought her life was different from any other and loved playing with her friends And the Faeries!

As a Family they traveled the world following her Father’s employment. Although it was exciting to travel the world, with new places came the feeling of Knowing she had been there before. As the family toured the tombs of Egyptian pyramids, Tess had the out of body feeling of living many lives before. Bringing the past energy into her present physical body, she had a spiritual and physical feeling of acceptance.

Tess’s life changed on a family excursion to Turkey and the Last Home of Mary, a small chapel filled with precious energy. As she knelt and prayed, tears filled her eyes and streamed down her cheeks. She was overwhelmed with Beauty and Love, by The Mother Mary. Tess laughed as she told me that she walked outside with her face red and wet. Her Father asked what was wrong and she told him, to her recollection, “I Love Her, she is so sweet and beautiful”. Her Father replied, “of course you feel this way, she’s the Mother of Christ!” Even as Tess accepted this answer, she knew the feelings that were filling her being were So Much More. It was that moment when her view of the world and how to acknowledge message changed. This was the first time she thought of herself and how she perceived things as “different”.

Tess started to pay attention to how she was being received when she would decide to share her gift. She filled me in on a little secret.. Tess likes to call in her Gemini Strength. Gemini’s can see with two different perspectives, she said. Being the wonderful teacher she is, Tess then provided me with an example that I will try and share with you. View an Orange, the rind, the smell, the PHYSICAL aspect of it when you peel it open. View the orange now as a Being, a Life, a Life Force ENERGY. To be able to see this way is to see A complete acknowledgement of the energy that is behind what you are perceiving at that moment. Dual Perception (Cosmic) / Practical & Sensory.

Please join me mid month for the continuation to The Shine of the Sterling Goddess. Thank You, Blessed Be. – Christina Smith Stembler –