Una Drake

Una Drake
Una Drake

Shamanic Healing & Tarot Reading

1st Friday’s 12:00 – 6:00 PM

(Cash Only, Please)

Could you benefit from Shamanic Healing?

Do you:

  • Feel like a part of your self is missing?
  • Suffer from depression, especially ongoing    depression?
  • Feel like you are often outside (not inside) your body?
  • Feel dispirited, like you have lost your joy, your spark?
  • Feel like you just can’t get past certain issues?

Have you:

  • Suffered a trauma, such as a car accident, major shock, or abusive situation, and can’t seem to heal or get past it?
  • Had an unusual string of bad luck or illness recently?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, Shamanic Healing may help.


Shamanic Healing: 1.5 – 2 Hrs, $200

We will start with a tarot reading and discuss the issues involved, then move into the healing work. I set ceremonial space, drum, rattle and enter trance in order to work with spirit on your behalf.

Tarot & Energy Work: 1 Hr, $100

Got a big issue? A complex question? This will give us plenty of time to explore in-depth. If you wish, your session may include Energy Work to assist you in healing and personal growth.

Tarot: 30 Minutes, $60

Enough time to explore a topic with several spreads. Good for medium-complexity issues.

Tarot: 15 Minutes, $35

Short and sweet. Enough time to get guidance on a specific question.



To learn more about Una, her training and background, please visit: www.unadrake.com