Jason Michelle Patterson

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Jason Michelle Patterson


2nd Saturdays 3-6pm      &     4th Sundays 12-3pm

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Jason Patterson is a licensed massage therapist with a background in the sciences. She tailors your sessions to meet your individual needs.

♥ Gemstone Therapy                      ♥ Swedish Massage                        ♥ Myofascial Release

♥ Deep Tissue                                  ♥ Craniosacral Therapy               ♥ Energy Work

Gemstone Therapy

$30/15min                                   $60/30min                             $100/60min

By connecting to crystal energies you may experience…

Clearing and alignment of your energy centers

Sense of mental clarity & increased wellbeing

A reduction in physical discomfort


Integrative Massage Therapy

$50/30min                             $100/60min               $125/90min

Through a blend of massage, myofascial release/ unwinding, craniosacral therapy and energy work Jason is able to offer quick, effective and lasting relief to clients; especially those in acute conditions. Clients report…

Decreased sense of pain and discomfort

Increased range of motion

A deep sense of relaxation and well-being