Diana Fairbank

Diana Fairbank

Mondays 10-2pm

Numerology, Runes, Astrology, Tarot, Astro-Numerology

Cash, Debit, Credit Card

$100/hr    –    $55/ ½ hr    –    $30/ ¼ hr

Diana is a life-long metaphysican; she just came that way! She got her first tarot deck at age seven after having already taught herself basic astrology, so steeped was she in the symbolism of mythology by the books she was given from earliest childhood due to her Goddess name. She has been collecting and studying divination systems ever since.

When she discovered the Runes & Numerology around age 17, she realized they were languages she already knew at the cellular memory level, and so they became her signature divinatory methods.

With over 30 years’ experience giving readings, Diana has developed a special system of short readings for parties and faires. These readings combine the runes and numerology, having found that this is the way she can best deliver the most amount of information in the shortest space of time. For longer readings, there are many options available, but Diana recommends getting complete astrology and numerology natal and transit reports as the best place to start!

Diana believes the taking of periodic readings of one’s state of consciousness is of great holistic benefit for the purpose of not only understanding the particular lessons at hand, but also for knowing when the wind is at your back in certain areas, while not in others so you may act to receive optimal results from your intentions & avoid wasting time & energy going against the Flow of Your Highest Self. In these momentous times, Diana thinks there are few greater gifts you can give yourself and your loved ones than the unique-to-you practical and spiritual roadmaps provided by these ancient systems of wisdom & knowledge of Universal Law.