Stargazers Smudging Instructions Handout

Stargazers Smudging Instructions

Materials needed:

Abalone Shell, Single or 3 Feather Fan, White Sage, Flat Leaf Cedar,  Sweetgrass, Lavender, Wooden Matches

About Smudging

Smudging is a Sacred Native American ceremony in which we use the  smoke of the sacred herbs to clear the energy of a space, a person or an object.   Smudging clears dense energy and assists us in focusing and connecting with Spirit.

We begin by placing a small mound of White Sage leaves in the bottom of the Abalone shell.  Add some Flat Leaf Cedar for healing, Sweetgrass to welcome in sweet energies, and Lavender to soothe the emotions.  Light a wooden match and insert it under the little mound of herbs until they ignite.  Let them burn for a short period of time, perhaps 10 seconds.  Waft the flames out with the feather gently and proceed to direct the smoke.

Ritual Smudging

If you are doing a circle ritual, pass the smoking Abalone shell to your left (clockwise) with the feather fan so that each person may smudge themselves by directing the smoke up over their heads and down the left and the right side of their body, and cupping a bit of the smoke to their heart, and then passing it on.  It is necessary to do a Smudging Ceremony prior to ritual.

Personal Smudging

When you’ve had a bad day – at work, on the freeway, shopping at the mall or arguing with a loved one?!  – a quick personal smudging ceremony is advised.  Sitting on the floor allows you to connect to the healing energies of our Earth Mother.  Holding the smoking Abalone shell in front of you assists you in focusing your intention of releasing any energy that is dense, confusing, fearbased or disharmonious in any way.  As you waft the smoke above your head, down your sides and to your heart, a prayer of deep gratitude will complete your intention.

Smudging Your Home

A thorough smudging of the house would include opening all the closet doors, drawers, cabinets and windows.  It’s a good idea to turn off your smoke alarm while you’re doing this, and turn it back on once the smoke has dissipated.  Direct the smoke at the back of the room or house, paying attention to the corners and moving toward the front of the house or room.  In a multi-level home start at the top floor and come down until you reach the main floor.  If you have a basement, smudge the basement first, then the top level, moving down to the main floor.

It is helpful when smudging a home to say prayers of gratitude for the removal of any energy that is dense or hindering to you in that space, and welcome in the type of energy you wish to have present.  For instance, in the bedroom the energy of restful, restorative sleep and healthy romantic activities.  In the kitchen and dining room, welcome in vibrant good health.  In the living room, pleasant social interactions and harmony.  In the TV and computer rooms it’s wise to gratefully remove all the electromagnetic frenetic energy from the machines and area and welcome in wisdom, compassion and joyful entertainment.

Smudging an Object

When smudging an object, simply hold the object above the smoke and pass it through front and back and side to side, holding in your mind the gratitude of a renewed positive energy emanating from the piece.

Frankincense, Myrrh and other Resins

There are other options to smudge than using the dried herbs.  A popular alternative is putting sand in the abalone shell and lighting a Swift Lite Charcoal.  Once it has started to turn grey, place a sacred resin on the charcoal – Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal, Dragon’s Blood, Pinon Pine to name a few – directing the smoke is done in the same way as we did for the dried herbs.   The resins are powerful purifiers, opening the spiritual connection.  They are burned for protection, peace, meditation, clearing the mind, inspiration and sunny, uplifting energies.

White Sage—Purification, opens spiritual connection

Flat Leaf Cedar—Healing energies

Sweetgrass—Blessings and sweet energies

Lavender—soothing to the emotions

Choose Your Tradition

Native Americans will nearly always move in a clockwise direction when smudging.

Many Wiccan/Pagan traditions will move counterclockwise for banishing/clearing and clockwise for invoking blessings and positive energy.

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