Stargazers Metaphysical Qualities of Stones Handout

Stargazers Metaphysical Qualities of Stones Handout

Agate Generally grounding and stabilizing of physical energies. Strengthening the aura. (*) Blue Lace Agate: Soothes emotions, pain. Peaceful, relaxing energy. Works with throat chakra. Helpful in public speaking. (5th)

Fire Agate: Represents the spiritual flame of perfection. Dispels fear, provides protection.

Moss Agate: Emotional balancer, strengthens self-esteem, prosperity power stone!

Amazonite Soothing to nervous system. Helps perfect personal expression, enhances creativity. (5th)

Amethyst Increases spirituality, enlightenment. Aids in dropping unwanted habits, addictive behaviors. Heals on all levels. Lifts depression. (6th, 7th)

Amber Connector; polarizes and harmonizes past/present/future, up/down, yin/yang, etc. Warm solar energies, calming to stressed nerves and hyperactivity. Helps find humor and joy. (2nd) Angelite Stone for raising conscious awareness. Assists angelic connection and communication. Balancing and protective. (5th)

Apatite Dissolves negativity, mental confusion, and overwhelm. Stimulates clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and interaction with the Devic world.

Apache Tear Obsidian Helps find forgiveness and understanding in distressing situations. (1st)

Apophyllite Stimulates intuition, clears perceptions. Helps loving connection of body and spirit. (7th)

Aquamarine Increases communication effectiveness. Connects love and wisdom, creating compassion.   Calms emotions and fears, imparting strength and control. Releases stress. (5th)

Aventurine Increases independence. Relaxes and expands the heart center. Calms heated emotions. Assists in career changes. Increases prosperity consciousness and ability to love. (4th)

Azurite Stimulates psychic abilities. Amplifies healing and meditation experiences. Opens third eye. Cuts through illusion, enhances communication. (6th)

Bloodstone Physical cleansing. Purifies blood. Brings harmony and self-confidence. Aids decision-making. (1st)

Boji Stone Adds sense of joy. Balances energy, draws out pain. (2nd)

Calcite The Solution Stone – helps the mind perceive alternative choices, possibilities and solutions which might otherwise elude you. A stone of joy in all of its colors and forms, which is symbolic of the many forms joy can take. (*)

Carnelian Stimulating. Helps ground and focus thoughts. Aids self-control, releases sorrow, envy, fear, anger. (2nd)

Celestite Helps in personal expression, clear communication. Highly spiritual. (5th)

Chalcedony Cleans the environment, activating subtle energies. Heart stone, assisting in honest expression of emotional needs. Alleviates regret. (2nd)

Charoite Accelerates spiritual growth, enhances self-esteem and ability to love. Reduces fear. (6th)

Chrysocolla Brings peace and harmony to mind and heart. Feminine energy and creativity. Aids spiritual expression. (4th, 5th, 6th)

Chrysoprase Enhances insight, awakens hidden talents. Helps mental serenity, imagination. (4th)

Citrine Mental stimulant, opens conscious mind to intuition. Promotes mental clarity, positive outlook. Enhances creativity. (2nd)

Danburite Shaman stone. Stimulates the intellect, enhances psychic abilities, self-confidence.

Emerald Deva stone. Brings in healing emerald light, promotes divine qualities. Stone of abundance, good fortune, strength. (4th)

Fuchsite “Stone of Practicality” clarifies issues of basic foundations of one’s life, e.g. money, love, career, talents, health. With Ruby it is energizing and grounding.

Fluorite Travel stone. Transmutes negativity, removes energy blocks. Increases concentration and memory, helps to see truth behind illusion. (*)

Fossils Aids in past-life exploration and protection from disharmonious energies. (**)

Garnet Grounding, vitalizing, keeps energy flowing, increases health, fidelity, imagination. (1st, 4th)

Hematite Power stone. Very grounding and balancing. Calms mind and emotions, giving a firm focus on the here and now. Brings spirit into form, promotes common sense. (1st)

Herkimer Diamond Vision and Dream stone. Powerful for healing, keeps etheric field clear. Aids physical body’s release of toxins. Aids in dream recall, stimulates psychic abilities. (**)

Jade Balancing, soothing, cleansing energy. Aids in courage, justice, and wisdom. (4th)

Jasper Energizes lower chakras. A good, slow-and-steady healing stone. Protects against negativity. (*)

Fancy: Grounds mental energies. Animal Totem Communication.

Mook (or Mookaite): Personal power, rejuvenation, genetic healing and deep calm.

Ocean: Brightens one’s outlook, positive, joy-filled, uplifting energy.

Picture: Stone of global awareness

Polychrome: Divine feminine, evolving, unfolding energy.

Poppy: Messenger or Herald Stone – shamanic counsel.

Red: All choice is singularly one’s responsibility.

Yellow: Gentle but insistent grounding and earth connection.

Jet Helps reduce migraines. Eases illness, violence, deep depression. Protects finances. (1st)

Kunzite Angel stone. Opens the heart, balancing compassion, peace and freedom from fear. Removes blocks to loving self and others. Awakens highest heart consciousness.(4th)

Kyanite Assists in understanding dreams, promoting clarity. Enhances creativity, reduces energy blocks. Body worker stone. (6th)

Labradorite Brings recognition of one’s destiny. Protective, insightful. Good for therapist. (6th, 7th)

Lapis Lazuli Stone of royalty. Aids inner sight, enhancing clarity, directedness, psychic development and spiritual growth. Calms mental static. (6th)

Larimar Builds confidence and serenity, reduces depression. (5th)

Lepidolite Baby stone. Natural lithium, soothing and calming. Mood normalizer, promotes self-love. (4th)

Lodestone (Magnetite) Strengthens auric field, increases personal power by fully grounding you! Promotes stability, balance, and healing on all levels. (1st)

Malachite Purging stone. Strong healer, assisting spiritual growth and healing on all levels. Mirror to the soul. Promotes prosperity. (4th)

Moldavite Catalyst for life changes. Assists in channeling inter-dimensional sources. (4th)

Moonstone Brings harmony to love relationships. Deals with inner planes, soul connections. Reflective, clear-seeing, soothing. Enhances clairvoyance, opening to Goddess energy. Relieves frustration. (2nd)

Obsidian Wizard’s stone. Powerful protector, as only white light can exist within its field. Purges negativity. Helps detachment, enabling clear seeing. (1st)

Onyx Relieves stress, grief. Strengthens self-control. (1st)

Opal Assists in connecting with higher aspects of Self and in past-life recall. Increases inner beauty, faithfulness. (7th)

Peacock Ore Strong healing properties, assists in creating a new outlook on life. (**)

Peridot Enhances personal growth, opening new doors. Alleviates stress, fear and guilt. (4th)

Petrified Wood Assists in connection to Earth and Nature. Removes irritations.(1st)

Prehnite Gives support for major life changes. Balances chakras, aids personal relationships. (3rd, 4th)

Pyrite Very grounding. Aids self-esteem, self-appreciation. (1st)

Quartz Focuses, amplifies, transmits, transforms, balances energy. Heals and expands on all levels. (**)

Lemurian: Connection with the Divine Feminine. Unification with soul’s path. Access to wisdom of Ancient Lemuria.

Starseed (Diamantina): Seeded here by our Star brothers and sisters! Powerful healing energy – brings peace to mind, heart, soul, and body. World and planetary peace!!

Rhodochrosite Clears away hurts from the past, allowing freer flow of energy in the present. Assists in finding new love. Eases trauma, teaching love of life, tenderness and compassion. (4th)

Rhodonite Assists in achieving the highest potential. Raises feelings of self-worth. Adds to stability, eases anxiety. (4th)

Rose Quartz (4th) Stone of love. Lifts depression, creating feelings of peacefulness.

Ruby Protects a sensitive nature. Energizing. Improves circulation. (4th)

Rutilated Quartz Stone of connection and telepathy. Enhances energy of other stones. (**)

Sapphire Highly evolved spiritual stone. Strengthens loyalty, ability to pursue goals. (6th, 7th)

Selenite Aids in decision-making, clarity, flexibility. Increases common sense, relieves stagnation. Psychic vacuum cleaner. (3rd, 7th)

Seraphinite Helps contact Angels. Cleanses aura and chakras. Carries the energy of cooperation. (4th, 7th)

Smoky Quartz Grounding energy, helping bring dreams into manifestation on the physical plane. Relieves depression, tension, balances sexual energies. (1st)

Shiva Lingam Kundalini Activation! Vitality and prana. Oneness with the All. Spiritual enlightenment and rebirth! (*)

Sodalite Increases mental abilities, self-expression. Eases guilt, fear and confusion. Aids prophetic dreaming. (6th)

Smoky Quartz Grounding energy, helping bring dreams into manifestation on the physical plane. Relieves depression, tension, balances sexual energies. (1st)

Stilbite Normalizes hormones – decreases hot flashes!! Carries a powerful loving energy. (4th)

Sugilite Powerful healing stone. Opens connection between mind and body. Aids awareness of own Divine essence. (6th)

Sunstone Helps hold conscious connection with the Light during daily activities. Eases fearfulness. (3rd)

Tiger Eye Aids in courage and clear seeing. Psychic protector. Aids business activities. (*)

Topaz (*) Assists in channeling Spirit. Enhances creativity and understanding.

Tourmaline “Rainbow Bridge” from current to desired situation with ease and beauty. Relieves fatigue. Increases success and love. (*) Bicolor or Watermelon: Helps release emotional pain, replacing it with love. Strong heart-healing stone. (*)

Black: Repels and protects against negativity. Increases vitality, positive outlook, emotional stability, and mental acuity. (*) Green: Deep nurturing, dispelling fear and calming nerves. (4th) Pink: Heart stone, healing a broken heart. Strengthens wisdom, will power, and creativity. (4th)

Turquoise Spiritual stone, aiding clarity. Assists in friendships. Mental relaxant. (5th)

Unakite Changes negative into positive. Heart stone, strengthens sense of personal power. (4th)

Zoisite with Ruby Individuality stone. Stimulates psychic abilities. (7th)

Note: Numbers immediately following each description indicate the chakra or chakras which correspond to the energy of the stone.

* Indicates that the stone described appears in various colors, and the chakra application depends upon the coloration of the stone.

** Indicates that the stone described may be used with any chakra.

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