Stargazers Crystals & Astrology Handout

Stargazers Crystals & Astrology Handout

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March 21—April 20

Fire—Active (Courageous), Warrior, Survivor, Head

Rose Quartz, Softens fire, opens sense of self-love

Garnet, “I am what I am” – awareness of self as viable, competent being.

Bloodstone, Grounds the fire; grounded self-confidence

Herkimer Diamond, Connects with spiritual perspective

Amethyst, Helps them see where they really need to go, aids focus of energy.

Jade, Aids in courage, justice and wisdom

Tiger Eye or Tiger Iron Aids in clear seeing and courage; psychic protector

Charoite, Reduces fear; enhances self-esteem


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April 20—May 20

Earth—Physical (Sensuous), Earth-Spirit, Musician, Neck

Petrified Wood, Tree of Life-captures Taurus’ essence; aids connection with nature

Turquoise, Opens communication, expression; mental relaxant

Carnelian, Helps them feel comfortable with their sensual nature

Golden Topaz, Power issues—for the especially stubborn ones

Lapis Lazuli, Cleanses the mind, expands perception, teaches interconnectedness of all things

Charoite, Enhances self-esteem, ability to love; reduces fear

Larimar, Builds confidence, serenity and safety





May 21—June 20

Air—Mental (Communicative), Teacher, Journalist, Lungs

Aquamarine, Communication of universal truth

Carnelian, Get back into creative, sensual self-life center!

Clear Quartz, Focus intent, reduces restlessness of the mind

Rose Quartz, Opens breath, calms so one can breathe

Tourmaline, Pink—Willpower and wisdom, Green—Calms nerves

Black Tourmalated Quartz—Focus and healthy boundaries

Dioptase, Emerald light of healing to heart center

Tanzanite, Calms mind, allows experience and knowledge to evolve into wisdom.





June 21—July 21

Water—Emotional (Nurturing), Healer, Counselor, Stomach/Breast

Rose Quartz, Emotional Balance

Garnet, Grounds and balances emotions so they feel safe

Calcite, Releases excess energy and makes room for creativity

Dioptase, Heart energy—heals body, releases energy on cellular level

Moonstone, Affirms sensitive nature

Hematite, Calms mind and emotions, promotes common sense, balance

Charoite, Reduces fear; enhances self-esteem and ability to set healthy boundaries

Obsidian, Powerful protector, creates energetic boundary, helps detachment



July 22—August 22

Fire—Active (Creative), Child, Performer, Heart

Rose Quartz, Self-love, opens heart, heart healing

Amazonite, Tones down expression, softens ego center, enhances creativity

Amethyst, Balances ego, accesses more spiritual aspect, deepens sense of reality

Aventurine, Aligns personal power with heart center

Fossils, Grounding—Leo energy can burn itself out

Hematite, Grounding—Brings Spirit into form, reduces superficiality

Morganite, Heals the pain of separation, assists Leo’s need to belong




August 23—September 22

Earth—Physical (Organizational), Perfectionist, Analyst, Intestines

Clear Quartz, Focus, helps to see the truth of perfection within itself

Amethyst, Spiritual perfection, self-forgiveness

Aventurine, Healing and comfort stone, connects with the beauty of nature

Citrine, Gets you back in power in a gentle way

Carnelian, Manifests your creative power on the earth plane

Rose Quartz, Promotes love of self and compassion and patience with self

Pyrite, Aids self-esteem and self-appreciation

Lapis, Calms mental static and over-analysis, invites inner knowing




September 23—October 22

Air—Mental (Balance), Artist, Peacemaker, Kidneys

Fluorite, Helps to see beyond illusions; removes discordant energy blocks

Seraphinite, Brings energy system into balance;  carries energy of cooperation

Rose Quartz, Helps you honor and be good to yourself

Clear Quartz, Balances desire to get along with need to care for self

Dioptase Heart, deals with creative expression

Carnelian, Opens path to physical creativity, grounds into body

Amber, Connector—harmonizes all polarities

Agate, Grounding—stabilizes physical energy; stone of strength

Obsidian, Powerful protector, purges negativity; creates healthy boundaries