Basic Tarot Meanings Handout

Basic Tarot Meanings

The Tarot is a powerful tool for Divination, providing new perspectives, personal development, healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual… Much more than a system of fortune-telling, the Tarot is the key to one’s spiritual path. It can be used to help one know oneself, to see oneself from an objective perspective, and to find hidden truths in the situations that come up in one’s life. Dream interpretation, financial perspectives, deeper meanings in our relationships, and illuminating the path to health, wealth and happiness are a few areas we can explore with the majestic cards of the Tarot deck.

Major Arcana Four Suits
0 Fool: New Beginnings, Move on Faith Wands, Staves, Staffs, Rods, Clubs
1 Magician: Master of Conscious Creation Fire, Personality, Self-Image, Self-Identity, Spirituality: Leaders
2 High Priestess: Intuitive Wisdom, Hidden Issues & Assistance Cups, Hearts, Chalices, Bowls
3 Empress: Fertility, Marriage, Nurturing, Healing, Queen of Life Water, Emotions, Feelings, Love, Happiness: Nurturers
4 Emperor: Rule in Harmony with Nature & Spirit Swords, Crystals, Spades 
5 Hierophant (Pope): Spiritual Value & Structure Air, Communication, Thoughts, Objectivity, Ideas: Thinkers
6 Lovers: Cooperation, Attracting What You Desire Pentacles, Coins, Disks, Diamonds, Worlds 
7 Chariot: Travel, Success, Wellness, Agent of Change Earth, Physical, Business, Money, Tangible, Practical: Doers
8 Strength: Will Power, Restoring Order
9 Hermit: Wisdom Offered, Turn Inward
10 Wheel of Fortune: Relax and Wait: Flow of Change Court Cards
11 Justice: Karmic Balance, Decide from Core Center of Self King: Mastery & Control
12 Hanged Man: Surrender, Change Your Perception, Meditate Queen: Maturity & Competence
13 Death: Change, Renewal, Rebirth Knight: Protected Determination
14 Temperance: Synergy, Patience, Integration of Polarities Page: Messenger
15 Devil: Let Go of Attachments; Chained by Choices, Re-choose!
16 Tower: Drastic Sudden Change.  Making Room for New.
17 Star: Inspiration, Honesty, Clarity, Trust Your Intuition Colors
18 Moon: Peace in the Darkness… Psychic Powers, Events Red: Physical Strength, Power, Passion
19 Sun: Vitality, Radiance of Being. Life is Going Your Way! Enjoy the Ride. Orange: Courage, Vitality, Joy
20 Judgment: Spiritual Awakening, Revelation of Truth. Decision Made. Yellow: Mental Activity, Logic
21 World: End of This Cycle. Harmonious Molding of Earthly Powers & Spiritual Values. Green: Health, Harmony
Blue: Spiritual Inspiration, Soothing
Symbols Indigo: Self-Mastery, Psychic Activity
Angels: Higher Self Violet: Spiritual Mastery, Protection
Animals: Lower Self
Buildings: Security Numbers
Clouds: Emotions 1. (Ace) Beginning
Hills: Minor Challenge 2. Balance
Mountains: Major Challenge 3. Growth
Rising Sun: Improvement 4. Structure
Setting Sun: Ending 5. Change
Rivers: Movement of Consciousness 6. Harmony
Still Water: Subconscious, Stagnation 7. Intuition
Rocks: Disturbances 8. Activity
9. Wisdom
10. Completion

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