Lapis Lazuli

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The enchanting blue stone with hints of grey and gold shown above is Lapis Lazuli. It is a combination of Lazurite, Calcite and Pyrite. This stone has a royal background. As far back as 3100 BC Lapis was used to entomb and decorate Pharos in ancient Egypt. It also has royal roots in China as well. Lapis carries a vibration of inner royalty.


The calm blue stone brings inner peace and freedom from negative thoughts. It clears he way for connection to your higher mind and psychic abilities. Lapis is said to be the stone of the spiritual seeker and student. Self-reflection and self-knowledge are on the horizon with this 3rd eye opening stone.


With Lapis communication with yourself and others becomes clearer and truthful. It brings light to your inner vision and attunes you to source. This stone helps with your connections, promoting success in relationships. Invite a cheerful and uplifting energy into your life with Lapis Lazuli.

Newsletter 10/1/2017

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Stargazers Newsletter 10/1/2017

Dear hearts,

Thank you all for your festive participation in stargazers psychic faire last weekend which netted over $1000 for our hurricane relief donation.  This gives me such a tender heart healing for our community.  You are the best!


We just moved into the influence of the Ducks Fly Moon of the Sacred Native American Medicine Wheel.  This Moon offers us lessons of balance, of drawing both the earth’s and the sun’s energy into our heart to understand the powerful messages of the heart.  To learn balance we often experience the rapid movement of a thought or feeling to its opposite.  Which can be very confusing until we are able to settle ourselves at center.  Be patient with yourself!

The mineral totem of this Moon is Bloodstone Jasper also called Heliotrope.  It grounds us gently and firmly as we seek to find balance.

Further assistance comes to us from the plant totem of this Moon, Mullein.  Mullein’s soothing characteristic offers, healing to the chaotic journey to Balance.

The magnificent blue / black Raven is this moons animal totem.  Raven teaches us to soar above our issues and situations, gain wisdom from spirit and then dive into our lives fully and enlightened.  Native peoples have many legends about raven’s having begun its existence as a white bird and then turned blue black as a result of his struggles.  He is the epitome of balance, light/dark, spirit/form, mind/heart.

The color associated with the Ducks Fly Moon is the brown of the earth in Autumn, a rich brown with tones of red and gold which draws your energy to Mother Earth and invokes stability in the midst of change.  As we work with finding our point of balance, our beautiful Autumn environment supports us.

Bright Blessings,



Starlit Spotlight – September, 2016

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Christina Stembler
The Shine of  The Sterling Goddess

September, 2016

It is a warm, sunny day in Washington as I gratefully sit in an air conditioned room filled with exquisite antiques, beautiful crystals and loving family pictures. I feel a sense of peace come over me as I wait in her “meditation room” while, at the same time feeling excitement and wonder as to what we will discuss on this day. She walks in the room carrying a tray of the biggest, most delicious grapes, cheese and nuts while the other hand holds a bottle of refreshing white wine. I laugh, she already knows me so well (I’m a sucker for a good bottle of wine), but I have also realized I don’t know as much about her as I would like.

When I first met this Goddess and she held me in her embrace, she opened a door for me that allowed me to acknowledge and let shine the Divine being within myself, the being that I would later learn, with Tess’s tutelage, had always been there but forgotten or afraid. On this  life changing journey that Tess helped me to begin, I decided that when I have something that I want to express, I am going to express it. When I have a question to ask, I will ask it.  With Every question I asked her, came an answer that drew me in and made me want to know more about my beautiful Mentor.

As I sit across from the Woman I hold so dear to me, I look into her Steel Blue eyes and see the Strength, Wisdom, Pain, Joy and Love of a Thousand lives looking back at me. Her petite stature is simply a temporary cloak hiding and protecting the astounding being that lives inside. She is the keeper of untold stories, A knower of life’s mysteries, A teacher of Self Worth and Healing and A Friend and Soul Sister of Many Lifetimes. Look into her eyes and you will be drawn in by the Light, Dancing Inside of them.

In these writings, my goal is to Celebrate and Reflect back to her, The Shine Within. The Shine of The Sterling Goddess – Christina Smith Stembler –

Born into a life of a series of Magickal Events that were different from others, Tess couldn’t help but “Be” in the Metaphysical. As a young girl, raised in a devout Roman Catholic family,  an outlet to communicate her sight of Fae or Angels as she thought they were, was not available to her.  Tess never thought her life was different from any other and loved playing with her friends And the Faeries!

As a Family they traveled the world following her Father’s employment. Although it was exciting to travel the world, with new places came the feeling of Knowing she had been there before. As the family toured the tombs of Egyptian pyramids, Tess had the out of body feeling of living many lives before. Bringing the past energy into her present physical body, she had a spiritual and physical feeling of acceptance.

Tess’s life changed on a family excursion to Turkey and the Last Home of Mary, a small chapel filled with precious energy. As she knelt and prayed, tears filled her eyes and streamed down her cheeks. She was overwhelmed with Beauty and Love, by The Mother Mary. Tess laughed as she told me that she walked outside with her face red and wet. Her Father asked what was wrong and she told him, to her recollection, “I Love Her, she is so sweet and beautiful”. Her Father replied, “of course you feel this way, she’s the Mother of Christ!” Even as Tess accepted this answer, she knew the feelings that were filling her being were So Much More. It was that moment when her view of the world and how to acknowledge message changed. This was the first time she thought of herself and how she perceived things as “different”.

Tess started to pay attention to how she was being received when she would decide to share her gift. She filled me in on a little secret.. Tess likes to call in her Gemini Strength. Gemini’s can see with two different perspectives, she said. Being the wonderful teacher she is, Tess then provided me with an example that I will try and share with you. View an Orange, the rind, the smell, the PHYSICAL aspect of it when you peel it open. View the orange now as a Being, a Life, a Life Force ENERGY. To be able to see this way is to see A complete acknowledgement of the energy that is behind what you are perceiving at that moment. Dual Perception (Cosmic) / Practical & Sensory.

Please join me mid month for the continuation to The Shine of the Sterling Goddess. Thank You, Blessed Be. – Christina Smith Stembler –

Witch’s Brew – September, 2016

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Welcome to the Witch’s Brew. You never know what kind of Magickal Articles will wind up in the mix, but be assured you will enjoy every last one!

September, 2016

Month of Virgo

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Jon Anastasio
Wheel of the Year

In about ten weeks, we in the Northern Hemisphere will celebrate Samhain – Halloween – for us Wiccans, the ending of the old year and the beginning of the new, but also the moment when we start going deeper into the dark half of the year – a time of reflection, counting the results of our personal harvest and planning for the Spring’s new endeavors.

Samhain is one of the two times when the veil between the worlds is thinnest. So it is a time to think about and try to connect with ancestral spirits, to offer gratitude, seek guidance for our reflections and integrating our lessons until the Sun returns, and ask their blessings on our aspirations and goals.

Since spirituality is intensely personal and experiential, it is important to connect with the energy of this time at a deep individual level. In addition to costume parties, trick or treating, Witches’ Balls, and the like, spend some time alone with the feeling of the night of Samhain. In my Tradition, one suggestion is to open your front door, sit at the threshold, and feel the energy that is all around you – notice the wind, the leaves blowing past, the rain, whatever comes. And be aware that everything is energy, differing only in its vibration, and that the Spirit guides, ancestors, and Angels that surround you are there for your learning and healing benefit and you can call on them to support what is in your highest good. Or if you can, walk in a park or the woods. Think about how you will celebrate Samhain now, so you can be peaceful and prepared for a deep and meaningful experience.

Between now and then, we have work to do – we need to bring in our personal Harvest. All the plans, schemes, projects, and activities we’ve been engaged in since Candlemas are coming to their current level of fruition – we had our first taste of the Harvest on August 1 – Lughnassadh to us Wiccans – the small harvest. We tasted the blueberries and other early crops, and became aware that the light is waning, though the heat of summer is still with us, and we look toward the Equinox – Mabon – to celebrate bringing in the rest.

This is a time for gratitude. Though our tests are surely upon us, we have been given much. Mabon is a time to express that gratitude, and perform a celebration to thresh the wheat from your personal harvest, give thanks for it, and release the chaff so that its energy can be recycled for the good.

As Mabon approaches, do an inventory – what you have accomplished and received and will retain, for which you feel grateful; and what no longer serves you that must be released to allow for the coming of what is new, highest, and best for your life path. Be sure to prepare your personal offering for the blessings of the season.

May you Blessed Be.

Jon Anastasio




September’s Tarot Card, Astrological Outlook & Featured Stone
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Giavonne Mitchell

Welcome the wonderful and exacting energies of Virgo. Late August and September are months of harvest and preparation for future bounty, it’s a time to prepare for the changing seasons. You can look to the constellation Virgo to keep you on track for getting done what needs getting done. She’s ruled by the Planet Mercury, a planet known for it’s ability to deliver us from one point to another swiftly and safely, but beware, it’s also known as the Trickster and can just as easily prank you to keep you on your toes.

Mercury is retrograde in Virgo from August 30th to September 22nd. This offers you a chance to go back and set projects back on track as well as celebrating what you have worked hard to achieve. From digging up an old cooking recipe and perfecting it, to sitting down and finishing that knitting project you started eons ago, Virgo and mercury help you get things done. Remember, patience is a virtue and not abundant in this sign. So mind you go easy on yourself and others! The tricky nature of retrograde mercury reminds you that you are still human-for now. Take a break and have some fun or you may find yourself slipping up and feeling a bit embarrassed or taking others to task. Remember to take a break from time to time to keep your thoughts clear.

The Hermit
The Hermit, Farrago Spiritum Deck (To Be Sold in Stargazers Soon) Artist: Yvette Endrijautzki/ Co-Creator: Raven Bella Zingaro


The Hermit is the ninth card in the Tarot, and associated with Virgo, because it’s primarily lands in the ninth month of the year. Hermits were all about taking time away from worldly things. They were known for seeking to perfect their connection with the Divine and sought a higher state of consciousness. They were also known as healers with an understanding of plants. This is the month a great time to get make your health a priority.

So while you are planting your seeds for your future (Virgo) do your best to keep a sense of humor (Mercury) to assure your peace of mind and health. Go within and connect deeply with Creator. Light candles at dinner or before bedtime and take in the glow. Dab on a few drops of Meditation oil or Hathor oil from Raven’s fine essential blends. Take deep breathes throughout the day, play lovely music while you do your chores, be gentle on yourself and others, trust that you have all that you need inside you. Call on the energies of the month to distill your thoughts into wise ones.

I love CRutile Quartzlear quartz points and Rutile Quartz of any kind for the coming weeks. Clear Quartz is above the fray. They’re efficient crystalline companions to assist you in anything you want to achieve. Hold them or wear them close to your body, let your pulse slow and consider clearing your mind of what you think you know, allow the clarity of the quartz to guide you to where you want to go and how you want to get things done. If you have a rutile quartz ring, pendant or tumbled stone, look at those minute lines zipping from point a to point B inside the crystal. Set your intention, trust your intuition and go for it!






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John Skyrman
Numbers Numbers Everywhere…


September is the 9th month, the Month of Virgo, the Hermit in Tarot & the Number 9 in general. The hermetic is a 9, representing an inward journey to enlightenment, bringing things into the light as well as giving birth to the new. This is also a time for taking a personal time out for renewal and healing. The number 9 in your life path says you are a very old soul with much knowledge. Wondering how to find out what your Life Path number is?

Your life path number is your entire birthdate added up, ie: 09/16/1982 =     9+1+6+1+9+8+2 = 36=     3+6 =9



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Christina Stembler


Always A Positive Side

As one of the Resident Witches on Site, I like to keep things Positive no matter what I do. This is one of my ways of creating Positive Magick, I hope you enjoy them. If you like them and would be interested in seeing them on Stargazers’ shelves, please speak up.






What’s New Pussycat? New Items, Reader, Energy Worker and FB Group

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New Incense at Stargazers

During this harvest season, we are so excited in welcoming an Herb Section to Stargazers! Bulk dried herbs, exotic resins & heavenly incenses from Japan, India & Tibet will Soon be available to assist you on your spiritual journeys.

One of the new products we will be offering at Stargazers is Shoyeido Japanese Incense. Incense use in Japan has a long history that stretches back to the 6th century CE. From that point on, incense would become an important facet of Japanese culture. Incense is used for a variety of purposes, including Buddhist ceremonies, spirituality and meditation. Shoyeido is the oldest traditional Japanese incense company, established more than 300 years ago, producing high quality, natural incense. Japanese incense is particularly thin (think angel hair pasta) and is made from a combination of high quality herbs such as: Agarwood, Clove, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Star Anise, Rhubarb, Tea Leaves, Patchouli, Licorice Root, Frankincense, Cinnamon & Borneol Camphor. We will be carrying both the Jewel Series & the Angelic Series.

We are especially excited in welcoming a series of Tibetan Healing Incense to our Herb Section. Tibetan Incense is a thicker stick made from a blend of different herbs, spices, plants and minerals that have been traditionally formulated and hand rolled at the monasteries of Tibet. The secret blend of herbs has been combined to assist with anxiety, depression & fatigue. We will be carrying blends such as: Snow Lion, White Pigeon, Healing Tara, Sandalwood, Mysore Sandalwood & Nepalese Rope Incense.

In our bulk herb & resin section, you will continue to find sage, sweetgrass, cedar, lavender, frankincense, myrrh, pinion pine, palo santo & dragon’s blood. Added to our current selection will be a rotating variety of single herbs & resins prepackaged in one ounce bags which you can use on their own or mix & use for both medicinal and magical purposes.              – Raven Bella Zingaro-


New Reader and Energy Worker added to the Stargazers Team

picProfile Pic

Stargazers is filling our Calendar with new Readers and Energy Workers.

We are pleased to welcome Justin Crockett Elzie to the team. Once you meet him, you will become an instant fan. To find out more about Justin, please visit his bio page. Justin’s Bio Page

If you are looking for a Crystal Gem Therapy Session or other Body Work, we have added Jason Michelle Patterson to the team. To learn more about her, please visit her bio page. Jason’s Bio Page

For our Psychic Certification Holders and Students

You Asked for it and We Listened! We started this beautiful Facebook group as a way for all of our Psychic Certification Holders and Students to stay connected, not just to Spirit, but to Each Other! It is a wonderful way to discuss topics with each other and who knows… Occasionally we may pop in a question for you all to ponder on and talk about! Handouts and Homework will also be available in this group. Feel free to ask Questions if you have them and One of your Instructors will be more than happy to answer. If you are FB friends with another Certificate Holder or Student, please invite them to the group, but remember, this is a place Only for our Psychic Certification Holders and Students. PLEASE remember to keep your comments on the Positive Side, we all walk different paths and we should respect that in every way.
Thank you all, Blessed Be!

Visit our Group: Stargazers Psychic Certification Facebook Group

Thank You From Tess

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2016 Psychic Cert 101 Class 12016 Psychic Cert 101 Class 2

Stargazers’ 2016 Psychic Certification

Introductory Level Graduates

A Personal Thank You from Tess


Dear Hearts,

To Those of you who attended Stargazers Psychic Certification Level One Series, I send you my Gratitude for your Enthusiasm, Dedication and Inspiration. You are truly an Awesome group. The Beauty of your gathering to share such a powerful journey touches my heart deeply. I intend to create an advanced series so we can keep this going. So many of you said you wanted more, on your evaluations. I Do Too! I will let you know when I’ve figured it out.

Blessings to each of you, my dear hearts.


Cool & Calming Calcite

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What do you do when you want calmer heads to prevail? How do you make lemonade out of lemons? Where do you turn when it seems as if everything has suddenly gone dark or topsy turvey and you roll your eyes to the heavens and say, “a little assistance please!”  What you really want is perspective. You’ll find that and more, with Calcite. Little by little, step by step, Calcite holds your hand and walks you to resolution. Calcite is all about perspective and it’s many many layers of opportunity. It helps to sooth hurt feelings. Ultimately Calcite offers an energy of confident and yet gentle persistence. Did you know that Trilobites (an ancient form of sea creature) had unique eyes that used clear Calcite crystals to form the lenses of their eyes?  Now you might understand why it is so handy in assisting us in seeing that there are two sides to every coin.

My father used to say, “Tuffy, it takes two to Tango, so be sure to look at each side of a situation, not just from your own. If you can do that, you can avoid jumping to conclusions.”  Pragmatic father he was, and Calcite is pragmatic at the very least. As much as we all love being right, Calcite points the way to finding rightness in solution rather than self-righteousness. Hold it in your hands and you’ll notice it’s slow and steady sense of purpose and calm. Calcite likes resolution and can be used to find a path to healing in a gentle and compassionate way. Think of having the Dalai Lama sitting next to you while you contemplate how to best proceed and you’ve got Calcite.
You might say, “But wait! My situation is different!” You are probably right, and that’s okay too, as Calcite is so versatile you may have noticed it doesn’t like being stuck in one type of formation or color. It comes in so many colors and shapes you’ll be sufficiently impressed. In fact, as I gathered up some of our Calcites for our weekly newsletter, I was hard pressed to fit them all in. We now, even boast a most amazing Stalactite Calcite formation in creamy white! It’s steady presence is impressive.
Calcite, like opinions and emotions vary, from clear crystalline to dogs-tooth covered with natural rainbow pyrite. Calcite thinks outside the box and sees you for the individual you are, because Calcite likes variety! It’s a stone of embracing all differences in opinion. Truly a stone of higher consciousness and socially aware crystalline energy. It is in it for the long haul and creates a deep sense of loyalty despite differences.
Here at Stargazers we have a collection and variety of calcite that offers you a wonderful array of potential for joy, calm and healing in your personal, and social life. One thing I find fascinating is that scientists are using calcite to create an invisibility cloak! If you’ve got a situation in which you need to limit your visibility or even take a vacation from prying eyes, calcite has your back. Calcite loves to go on vacation with you. Try adding some calcite to your life, your space or your medicine bag. Visit us and explore what Calcite has to say to you. Until then, we hold you in our hearts this week and hope your world is filled with ease and possibility.
Crystalline Blessings,
For Sweet Tess.